Range Road Estate - McLaren Vale SA - Vine Sight

‚ÄúThe team at Vinesight run a very efficient and well managed  business with the following highlights


They  respond quickly to an enquiry offering a plain language quotation and a prediction as to when the job can be started,

  1. The on ground work is conducted by a team of experienced personnel  well-disciplined  in the various tasks involved in removing trellis and vines.
  2. The small bobcat equipment has been expertly set up to simplify and complete the challenging tasks of wire , vine. irrigation and post removal.
  3. At the completion of the job all the posts are  steel strapped into bundles and wire and drip line coiled and left  tidily in bundles

 In summary Vine Sight provide a cost effective solution for growers in removing vineyards that are either non productive and/or economically non viable and as such provide a great service to growers, who see vine removal as a too difficult and too costly a  task.     


Vine Sight also offered good advice as to the sale and disposal of the trellis material  and referred a number of interested purchasers to  Range Rd Estate Kuitpo SA ‚Äú

 Alan Hoey